Meaningful Tools

All too often these days we head out to the store and buy the cheapest tool off the wall to serve it’s limited purpose, sometimes they don’t even finish the job before they crap out on us.  I’m quite certain that back in my grandfather’s day, you couldn’t buy a screwdriver or a scraper for $1 that was made half way around the world and shipped to your local store.  And while I rant, you probably also couldn’t buy them in a pack 25 (23 of which you will have lost before you ever have the chance to use them) for the same price as 2-3 on their own.


But besides the cost of these items, the quality just isn’t what it once was.  I can’t think of many tools that I could hand down to my grand-kids let alone my own children, chances are they won’t work anymore.

When I was a kid I loved to make things, and I usually had to use other people’s tools.  These mostly consisted of either of my grandfathers or my dads.  I seem to have quite the memory for this, but I can distinctly remember using certain tools of theirs as a child.  I couldn’t tell you what I made in those instances, but the actual tools are still fresh in my memory.  When my grandfathers passed away, my dad inherited their tools, and when I moved out on my own, my dad let me go through everything and take what I might need as he had more than he could ever use.  The tools you see above are 3 that are most meaningful to me.  Why? Well besides the quality craftsmanship that has kept them useful, they are a link to my childhood and to relatives long past.  They are tools I will cherish my whole life, not to be placed in a display and preserved, but used as they were meant to.  I like to think my relatives would be proud that their tools are still in use.

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