Easy-to-Make… review of sunset books


A while back I was perusing Amazon when I came across the book “Easy to Make Furniture“.  Myself being a fan of furniture, making things, and well, easiness, I couldn’t resist.  That along with the fact that the price was $0.01!!!  I could not believe it.  The packaging must have cost more than the book was worth to them!  They probably could have sold it to a recycler for more, thankfully they did not.  After receiving the book and being quite pleased with my purchase, I looked for more by the same publisher and found “Easy to Make Tables and Chairs“, for a fairly steep $0.06 (this one was in slightly rougher shape as well).  Anyways, enough about my bargains, on to the content.

Both books are from the late ’70’s and are well written with lots of diagrams and pictures to show how to make the various pieces of furniture, ranging from desks to chairs to tables and bunk-beds.  Some designs require no tools at all (a balloon chair?) while others need hand or power tools (you could do all of them by hand, but it would take for ever). While some of the designs scream 1977, many of them with only slight modifications (wood stain colour, etc.) could easily pass for a modern design.

A very nice feature is in the back of both books there are some basic guides to craftsmanship (best ways to cut certain kinds of wood, sanding methods, etc.) which I found informative and a good reminder of how to do the job right.  Fans of “Nomadic Furniture” will find the designs more stylish but also a little more complicated to produce (you will be pleased with the results!).

So far I’ve only made the book-case off the cover of “Easy to Make Furniture”.  The design was very simple and required a table saw and a drill press (you could use a regular drill as well).  I am planning to make some coffee tables and a desk, however I’m still trying to source some dark glass for the tops.

Overall, well worth the combined price of $0.07 I paid, I would gladly pay upwards of $10/book to be honest.  I can see myself making many of the designs (if slightly modified) over the upcoming years.


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