Old school…

I could hear my overly practical father as I put the finishing touches on my latest project, “a chalkboard? why don’t you just do some paintings on your cave walls…”.  Why a chalkboard indeed? Why not I say.  Chalkboards have a certain appeal, that retro look, a certain je ne sais quoi to them.  Besides, chalk doesn’t dry up like pens, as far as I can tell it’s environmentally friendly (I actually have nothing to back this up), and they smell better than dry erase pens.  


How did I do it? Actually it’s a very simple project, simply a piece of MDF 16″x24″ that was painted with…. you guessed it, chalkboard paint.  A small can costs lest than $10, and I hardly used any to cover this board.  I cut the bottom edge of the board at an angle and used some MDF screws to attach a 3″ wide piece of aluminum to use as the rail to hold the chalk.  Finally, to give it a bit of an industrial feel (and because I have several hundred 1/4″ washers I need to use (open to ideas here, anyone?) I bolted the board onto two wooden 2″x2″ which helped to hang it and give it a floating look.


I love how it looks and it fits well with my very modern looking kitchen.  The whole project only took a couple of hours (I spent longer trying to find chalk…) and best of all, a pack of chalk only costs $0.93…


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