Revamped Dresser

I was in the market for a dresser for the upcoming baby, but nothing was a nice as I’d like.  I’m a fan of repurposing old things and I hate to throw perfectly useable things away, so I went to Salvation Army and picked myself up a very beat-up wooden dresser for the lowly sum of $25 (the wood alone would cost me more).


Next it was off to the store to buy some paint, new wooden knobs, and of course a ton of wood filler.  I decided to paint it blue all over, while on the sides I painted some lady bugs with little dashed lines behind them.  The new wooden knobs I purchased were turned into lady bugs as well.  Finally, I put a strip of chalkboard paint on the front of each drawer so as to label what is inside.  As it’s done with chalk, the labels can easily be changed over the years.  I purposely made the chalkboard paint fairly rough looking.  Besides all of this cosmetic work, all the drawers needed the bottoms reattached, and many nicks and scratches had to be filled in the dresser.


I was almost done when I got the idea of doubling this as a change table.  The height was too much, so I cut off the bottom drawer – lowering the height by 6 inches.  This worked well as the bottom of dresser was very beat up and as much as I used the wood filler, it still didn’t look perfect.  The two knobs from the extra drawer were used on the side as hooks. As I assembled the final project, I realized that the paint on the drawers had made them slightly too big to fit in the dresser, so back to thetable saw and I trimed them all down 2-3mm.


I’m very happy with the final project, my only regrets are that I didn’t prime the wood first as some slight staining is coming through the paint.  It is a little annoying that this project (not including tools) cost me far more than the dresser, and quite close to the price of a new one at Ikea.  I wouldn’t have had the enjoyment and the knowledge of all the hard work I put into it, but it still frustrates me that objects these days can be so cheap, yet repairs are incredibly expensive. If we want to keep our landfills from over-flowing, we need to value repurposing old furniture and other objects!



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