DIY CD Case Calendar

Well, Christmas rolled around and being one who hates consumerism and wasteful gifts that people won’t even use, I had to think of a present for some close friends.  While I make books for my family members, this gets costly so I was more interested in a lower cost item that still involved some DIY and photography of course.

I stumbled across Shutter Sisters and their super cool CD case calendars.  I loved the idea and I had a box of old CD jewel cases lying around so it was right up my alley as the cases were likely headed to the recycling depot.  The one thing I didn’t like about their calendars is that although they fit perfectly in the jewel cases, you could only print one month per page on a 8.5×11 sheet of photo paper, what an enormous waste of paper!!!  I rejigged it to fit 4 months on each sheet which still wasted some paper but only a marginal amount.  They end up being the correct width but slightly shorter than the case (a small trade-off for a huge paper savings!)

To create the calendars, I imported pictures into InDesign and typed in the dates underneath each month.  I kept them very plain and denoted holidays/weekends by using red instead of black text.  To make the cases stand up on their own you need to file off a small part of the case by the hinge. This was very easy to do with a small nail file or an exacto knife.

The calendars were very well received and will hopefully be adorning the receiver’s desks this year!


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