New Beginnings – Part 1

I’ve been in the same line of work for over 15 years, and last year, I decided at the end of my contract I would move on.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job, worked with great people, always enjoyed my work.  The thing is, I was losing enthusiasm.  I used to leap out of bed every day and be excited to go to work, looking forward to trying new things and great ideas.  That slowly passed, and by the end of my contract, I found that I was only doing a “good job”, and not a spectacular one.  I only do things 2 ways, 110% or not at all.

There has also been much change in my life lately (as you’ll see in part 2) which influenced my decision.  But the big question is… what now?  I’ll be taking this opportunity of joblessness to do some dreaming. I love to dream, and sometimes I even have amazing ideas, but with so much work, I really haven’t had a chance in the last few years.  Along with dreaming I’ll be working on my creative side. This blog is a labour of love and I hope that through it I’ll develop some of my ideas and hopefully iron out a new career path, so stay tuned, it’s gonna be an amazing ride.

Look forward to some changes around here, new designs and even a new face or two…


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