DIY Digital Leica

While on my favourite Camera Forum I came across a post about a guy in Japan who had taken an old Zorki FSU Rangefinder (basically an old Leica II copy) and had turned it into a digital camera!  He did this by gutting it and filling it with a Sony digital point and shoot.  Quite the operation, but some excellent results!  The translations don’t really work (although some are hilarious to read), but what a great project.  Link

I’ve always wanted a digital rangefinder, something like my Bessa R, but digital would be a great fit.   I’ve been very tempted lately by an M4/3 camera, especially with their compatibility with just about any lens ever created, but it’s hard to justify the expense right now.

I have a feeling that this will be a project I’ll try to replicate this fall, but what camera to use?  I feel that I’d want to use one with as few buttons as possible, this would reduce the number of holes I’d need to cut.  Ideally it would have the same lens barrel diameter as an old M39 format rangefinder, if not it would be difficult to cut the lens hole.

Some people may say why would you do this?  It’s no more functional than the original camera, but what great style it has!

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