Uppercase – First Thursday: Crowd Sourcing Show

Uppercase, an awesome little shop in Arts Central, hosts a monthly “First Thursday” show which has had many themes over the years.  This month the theme was “Crowd Sourcing” meaning that anyone could come and bring their own work of art and display it (and sell it if they wished) for all to see.

From the Uppercase blog:

A creatively uncurated exhibition of works by friends

of UPPERCASE and one communual canvas collaboration!

It was quite a fun night with many works of art all over the building showcasing a variety of different art styles and talents.  There were also some people dressed as knights walking around advertising an upcoming military museum demonstration, unfortunately they got away before I could snap a picture…

Here’s a closer look at the work I submitted. It’s entitled ‘the Grumpy Grocer’, it’s a picture of a little grocery store in Paris where the shop keeper was less than helpful considering we were trying to spend money in his shop.  The shot was taken with an SX-70 on Polaroid 600 film (no filters).  The polaroid was then scanned and printed on an 11×14″ canvas.

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