Kaiser Hobby Cut 2 – Paper cutter review

Having bought my own printer, I realized quite soon after that it’s quite rare to print a picture the exact size of the printing medium (especially when I bought a huge box of 8×10 paper!).  I headed out to the local craft store thinking they’d have a good selection of high quality paper cutters.

I brought home a Fiskar’s model which I quickly realized was next to useless to cut photo paper.  You had to take two passes, then you still need to tear the pieces apart (like it was only perforated).  I returned it the same day and headed to The Camera Store, as they’re generally the better camera store in town with knowledgeable staff. While in the store I asked a salesperson about paper cutters and was told “I guess this one is pretty good”.  I was fairly certain they didn’t know what they were talking about but it was in the price range of what I could afford ($100) and I felt that at that price point it should give me a good cut.

It’s an 18″ cutter which is big enough for anything I’d need as my printer only prints 8×14″ at the largest.  It seems pretty sturdy with a replaceable cutter, a metal rail, and a metal base with plenty of ruler lines and measurements (including angles) to help you make your cuts.

I was quite satisfied at the beginning as the cuts were quite clean and worked on the first try.  After a few cuts though, I began to suspect my new printer was not feeding the sheets straight (as printers sometimes do).  I retried a few prints but each time when I made the cut, it was crooked compared to the picture.  I’m not sure why I trusted the cutter over the printer, but it wasn’t till several months later when I looked closely at the cutter and noticed that the end pieces are not glued on straight (you can see this in the picture above), so it is impossible to feed your sheet at a right angle on the one end.

So 6 months later, I’ve mastered using my cutter, you have to use the end that is glued on straight! I don’t think this is acceptable in a $100 piece of equipment, but I’ve had it too long to return it. I thought it might just be my sample, however I checked the same model out at another camera store and it was just as bad (maybe even worse).  My cutter has also begun making slightly jagged cuts after only very light use. I could replace the blade I guess, but it shouldn’t be wearing out this fast.

Looks like to get a really good paper cutter you have to spend some big bucks!


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