DIY Notebook: the Office Book

I had an idea to make C a last minute gift before our trip to Paris.  She absolutely loves notebooks and paper products in general, and she also likes to collect little keepsakes while on our travels.  Nothing exists that serves both these purposes so I decided to make something myself.

I debated for a couple of days how to go about this, and for a while I even thought I might run out of time and should give up (I did the project two days before we left the country).  Initially I wanted to take an old hard cover book and remove the pages, insert a coupon file.  I had seen something similar to this in ReadyMade I believe, but I didn’t just want to copy a project, and I had issues with tearing apart a perfectly good book.  In the end I bought some 1/8″ plywood and covered it in scrapbook paper to give it the look I was after (contact cement for adhesion).  I then took an old clipboard graciously donated by my roomate and pulled the clip portion off (after discovering that Lee Valley had discontinued selling them!).

This I riveted on to the back cover (if you don’t own a rivet gun, go buy one! You will find endless uses for it!).  To the inside of the front cover I glued (with double sided tape) a coupon file.  Finally I quickly made up some personalized note paper (lined and graphed) with our wedding logo on it and filled the clip.  I couldn’t find book binding tape, so as a substitute I used some clear duct tape on the inside of the seam to give it some more strength.  Also put a small placket on the front for her name (was in the bargain bin as I headed towards the checkout at the craft store).  Turned out great and most importantly, she loved it!


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