While I’m certainly not what you would call “over the hill” I do seem to be getting more forgetful and ever more scatterbrained as the days go by.  Seems I can’t remember anything for more than a few seconds before it’s left my brain and I’m off in another daze, dreaming of some new project or design.

Keeping all this in mind I shouldn’t exactly be shocked when the other day in Brugges, I managed to dent my voigtlander lens on the cobblestone side walk… Was I testing it’s bounciness you ask? Of course! No really I was switching from my 15mm to my 35mm, and was rushing, and didn’t have enough hands to hold the camera, the two lenses, the map, and my baby’s toy, so I put the new lens on the camera body, but didn’t screw it on while I put everything else away.  By the time everything was back in it’s place, I’d forgotten about the unattached lens and picked up my Bessa R and watched as the lens tumbled to the ground…

I thank my soccer playing days for my quick right foot which managed to greatly slow it’s decent, however it still hit the cobble stone (without a lens hood or filter I might add).  The result is a dented aperture ring.  The aperture still changes, but it is very rough.  The rest of the lens is still perfect.  I’ve sent it away and hope to have it back in the next few weeks good as new as they don’t make this pancake lens anymore.


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