Begging for a Boler…

While I love VW campers, especially those from the late seventies, pulling a trailer with a more modern vehicle would likely be a bit more prudent having a growing family and all.  The “Boler” trailer was invented by Canadian Ray Olecko in 1968.  It’s basically a large fiberglass rounded box on wheels, and might have been influenced by his previous septic tank design…

There are many things that make these trailers interesting. The minimal upfront costs (they can be had for $3000-5000), and they are small enough that customization both inside and out is an easy and inexpensive undertaking.  I’ve seen ones advertised with hardwood flooring in them (probably cost them $50 for the small floor area…)

While I think I’d shy away from a loud outdoor paint job, I’d certainly be up for customizing the inside.  I’d paint it up, re-upholster everything, and put some nice cabinets and counters in the kitchen.  There’s a great cult following with these little trailers, and they even have a yearly get together in Saskatchewan called “Prairie Egg” aka Bolerama.



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