Thrift Store Cameras – Zorki 4K

Well it was quite a productive weekend in terms of camera procurement…  Truth be told I wasn’t looking for another camera, I’m quite happy with the ones I have.  I worry that with too many, I won’t use them as much as I should.  I’ve tried to make it a rule that I only buy cameras that will do something that my other cameras can’t already do.

So why did I get a Zorki 4k? Well I had borrowed my Uncle’s Industar 26 50mm lens over the weekend to use with my Bessa R. I really liked the focal length and the pictures turned out great, unfortunately, he wasn’t interested in parting with it.  I had planned to buy a Russian lens off of ebay when I got home, however I popped into one of the local charity shops, and there was leather camera case….  Inside was a Zorki 4k with a Jupiter 8 50mm lens on it.  The price? 25 pounds, but they said they’d drop it to 20 (it was originally 45).  I left without buying, but then on our way to the train station I popped in and bought it.  That’s about $35 CDN, which on ebay will get you a zorki without a lens, lenses start at $30 and go up to $60, and this lens was mint!  I don’t really need the camera, and it will likely sit on the shelf until I sell it, but the lens is beautiful.  As a bonus, there was a roll of Ilford fp4 inside with only 5 frames used, so an almost new roll of film!

What’s the difference between the Zorki 4 and 4k? They replaced the wind knob with a wind lever….

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