Boat Week – Stitch and Glue Kayaks

I’ve been dreaming about boats lately… Why? Who knows, but maybe dedicating an entire week to boats will get them off my mind a bit.  Growing up, I always loved boats, spent most summer evenings in a canoe and still own a couple of kayaks back home.  I’ve made several paddles, both for my use and as gifts, but I’ve never gone so far as making a boat.  I’ve always loved sea kayaks, and just think how much nicer it’d ride if I had spent the time making it myself!

This picture is from Pygmy Boats.  They have free plans to make your own stitch and glue kayak, and according to the pictures, it should only take 70 hours!  With enough caffeine, I could make this boat in three days and still have time for a few cat naps along the way…

But seriously, stitch and glue boats are made with thin plywood that is “stitched” together using thin wire.  The entire boat is then wrapped in fiberglass cloth and you end up with an incredibly smooth boat with a wood finish (covered in translucent fiberglass).  You could get quite creative with a boat like this and add all sorts of inlay work on the decking.  It’s a project I’ll likely tackle one day, but not in the near future I’m sure.

Free plans via Pygmy Boats


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