Boat Week – Cedar Strip Canoe

Any outdoor enthusiast who also enjoys woodworking is guaranteed to have dreamt of building their own cedar strip canoe.  While there are many other materials to make a boat out of, some of which may even work better, a cedar strip canoe is absolutely beautiful yet lightweight.  The above design is from Peel Marine who make custom built canoes.

There are many steps involved in building your own cedar strip canoe. You can save yourself time by buying the cedar pre-cut into strips (especially handy if you don’t own a good quality bandsaw).  The strips are laid over a “strongback” and nailed/stapled/glued into place.  Once complete, you scrape, sand, and sand again.  Over top goes a layer of fibreglass which can be tricky without an extra set of hands, but rewarding in the beautiful and durable high gloss finish.  Plans are available from Green Valley Boatworks.

If you are interested in building your own cedar strip canoe, I highly recommend going to this site in order to get a feel for what’s involved. It’s an excellent resource and highly detailed account from start to finish of a canoe project.

I personally own “Building a Strip Canoe” by Gil Gilpatrick, and I found it to be an excellent book for the money. You get several plans and he has a great ability to make things as simple as possible.

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