Wooden Caterpillar

I was at a local “vide grenier” (garage/yard sale for North Americans) the other day, mainly searching for old cameras, when I came across this great little toy.  It just so happens that it was recently my daughter’s birthday and we had a bit of funds sent from her favourite Aunt and Uncle to buy her a present.  I paid the asking price as I couldn’t be bothered to haggle for such a fun little toy, and the seller was very interested in who it was for (hoping I was not just going to put it on a shelf I’m sure).

It’s a little wooden caterpillar pull toy.  We’d looked at some Plan Toys earlier in the week but they were much more expensive.  Don’t get me wrong I believe Plan Toys are worth the price, however with limited funds we were hoping to get her more than one toy for her birthday.  I really like the simple design of this toy.  I think I might try to make some copies at Christmas for some of our Nieces and Nephews.  I think I’d use plywood for the link pieces and dowel sections for the wheels.  I’d just use a food grade varnish to seal it up and keep it safe for the kids.


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