Photo of the Week

I’m really glad I started photo Friday, while I sometimes struggle to find interesting posts on other days of the week, I always have a great idea for which photo to use each Friday.  I should really start putting pics aside when I edit them as I often forget the one I wanted to use (which has the great consequence of me usually finding others equally as good or even better)…


This week’s photo is from our recent trip to London.  Taken on Totenham Court Road, this was the front window of a camera store I’ve seen many times and even bought film in several year’s ago.  I liked the colourful storefront and grabbed this quick pic with my Agfa Optima, using expired Kodak E100.  While the film expired a few years ago, it’s been kept frozen and hasn’t let me down yet, unfortunately my stash is almost out and I can’t afford the fresh stuff.

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