DIY Stroller Sleeping Bag

After our day (more like hour) at the Sweat shop, this is what we came home with…

That’s right, a baby! No not really, we already had the baby.  It’s been getting colder in Paris, and since we hadn’t planned on staying so long, we didn’t really have anything warm for the stroller.  We do have blankets but somebody likes to kick her feet all the time and they just wouldn’t stay on.


I drew up a quick pattern and headed off to buy some fleece.  The pieces were cut out on our bed (the wonders of small apartments) and C sewed it up like a pro at the Sweat Shop.  It’s sort of a “kimono” style sleeping bag with two front flaps that fold over each other, the outer flap tying up on the side.  We then cut 5 holes in the back for the safety harness and we were done.


The bag works like a charm. It’s a little difficult to get her in and out and to hook up the harness as it tends to shift around, but we’ve got the hang of it now and so far it’s kept her warm on many chilly mornings.  In the end we only spent $12 on fabric and sewing machine use, could have been under $10 but I overestimated the fabric we needed.  It felt so good to get crafty again, can’t wait to be home where we have all our stuff to make things with.


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