Vilac Wooden Toys 100 years

Went back to the Musee des Arts Decoratifs today.  I loved their Mobi Boom exhibit on French furniture design, so I felt like I needed to go see their wooden toy exhibit.  It was in celebration of Vilac‘s 100th anniversary and I found it truly inspirational.


They had all sorts of toys from the past century of toy making, as well as a few videos showing how the toys are produced. It’s an amazing process, and they start with raw logs (I had assumed they would buy milled lumber…).  I found it particularly interesting how after machines turn several of the logs into spheres, they are all thrown into a cement mixing drum on their own.  They tumble together and smooth each other out so they come out shiny without any sanding or polishing whatsoever!

The exhibit is on till May 8th, 2011 so go check it out if you are in Paris.


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