Market Collective

On the weekend we headed out to see what this year’s Market Collective had in store.  We went last year and were treated to all kinds of crafts, photos and even some edible treats.  There was a pretty good selection again this year, although much of it is fairly predictable craft fair wares.  Lots of jewellery, knitted items, photographs.  You can tell that some of the vendors are selling because they have good crafting ability yet no business sense.  Some items are priced so low that they are paying themselves pennies an hour it would seem.  I was disappointed with how little wood craft there was although that seems fairly common lately.  For some reason crafts have become cool with women, hence the proliferation of knit and jewellery, but men have yet to really jump on board.  Not to say that either sex is incapable of producing these items, just an observation…


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