52 Create – Grandpa’s Wall


Week 1 of 52 Create.  For those of you just tuning in, I’m designing/making 52 things this year, one per week.  The objects are crafts and will range from toys to furniture, and in a variety of materials.

For my first project, I decided on something that was not only fun but necessary.  Now that we’re back at home my 16 month old daughter needs a gate to keep her from exploring the stairs.  I could have picked up a crappy plastic one but that would cost money, would look ugly, and wouldn’t be any fun.  I had a piece of 1/4″ baltic birch plywood in the Manrage (man’s garage) so that’s the the wood I used. Had I had a choice, I would have used 3/8″ to give it a bit more strength.  I cut the plywood to size and then sketched out a few designs on it.  Then with a router with a 1/4″ bit I cut the designs out freehand, sanded them smooth, and applied a coat of beeswax finish.

It’s mounted in an old door frame (the door is long gone), I simply put a couple of blocks of wood on the frame with some finishing nails and the piece of plywood slides in between.  It’s removeable when we need to clean the floor or go downstairs, but it’s actually low enough to just step over.

Why Grandpa’s Wall? The butterfly design brought back a childhood memory of my grandpa. I like to name all my work, and that memory really jumped out at me.

This baby gate won’t be going up on Etsy as there is no standard mounting system (you’d have to nail blocks into your wall, assuming you have a wooden frame there to begin with).


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