52 Create – Cell Phones (Mobiles)

52 Create, my year long project to create something new and home/hand made on a weekly basis throughout 2011.  I’ve done several toys already, because really, making toys is fun to do, but not quite as fun as the reactions from my 17 month old daughter…  I can assure you all the projects will not be toys (nor will they be all made of wood), but a good portion likely will be.

So as I was saying, many of these projects are inspired by my daughter.  For some reason, she is fascinated by cell phones (mobiles).  My wife hardly ever uses hers, and I don’t even have one, so where she got this fascination is beyond me.  I had some scrap maple left over so I designed 4 different phones.  One is the classic “original” cell phone like you saw in all those 80’s movies, the other three are variations on the “candy bar” phone.  I used a wood burning pen to do the key pads, and the antennas are made from maple dowel that was burnt using a torch.  I likely won’t finish them with anything as maple is a very safe wood to chew on (we do pour the sap all over pancakes…).  I think I’ll put the original phone up on Etsy, not sure if I’m pleased with the wood burning on some of the others, but we’ll see.


My other 52 Create projects.

4 thoughts on “52 Create – Cell Phones (Mobiles)

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  2. Love the phones! A little off subject, but since you seem to be a wood professional 🙂 you might be just the person to ask. I have custom built (by my brother, who knows nothing about finishes) maple cabinets in my house. I have yet to stain, or do anything to them. I want them to stay the beautiful light color that they are. My father says clear poly, but that made his cabinets have a yellow tinge. What do you think?

    • I wouldn’t quite call myself an expert, but I think I can help with your finishing question. For starters, it’s great that you don’t want to stain the maple, because maple does not stain well at all. It will end up all blotchy unless you get a spray on type that isn’t really a stain (it stays on top of the wood surface). But back to the question…

      You’re right that certain types of finish will give a golden hue to the wood, I have hardwood throughout my house that is definitely amber (but clear when sanded). I’ve been using a product called Acrylic Polyurethane, it’s made by “Old Masters” and comes in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. Since it’s acrylic, it sits on top of the wood and doesn’t soak in, and you can clean up your brushes (and clothes) with water instead of paint thinner. It has a low VOC (ie it doesn’t stink and doesn’t off gas toxic chemicals). It looks like watered down milk, but dries clear. Speaking of drying, it dries very fast so you can get the project done quickly. Sand with 320 grit paper between coats for a nice smooth finish. I don’t have any affiliation with this company (I’d love to, then maybe I wouldn’t have to shell out $20 a can…).

      Hope that helps and keep checking back on the site, new stuff coming up weekly!

      • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the advice. I was dreading the smell, clean up, everything… by telling me about this acrylic poly, you have taken the dread away. I’m a painter and I use primarily acrylics, so I feel much more comfortable with the idea of using this poly you talked about. Hmmm… now to decided, gloss, semi or satin. 🙂

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