52 Create – Pinhole Camera

52 Create, my weekly creative outlet for 2011…  As this past weekend was World Pinhole Photography Day, I decided to make a little pinhole camera just for the occasion.  Last year I made the Pin-Cube, but this year I decided I’d like to test out some of my new Ilford Direct Positive Paper, so I went with the “Granny Cam”.  Far simpler than last year, I simply took a tin of sweets, drilled a big hole in it, then took a throw-away pie plate and cut a square out of it, drilled a pinhole in it, and taped it to the can.  The photographic paper is taped to the inside curve of the can, giving a curved focal plane, and hopefully some interesting distortions.  The camera was f231, with a pinhole of .016 (drilled with a micro drill).  I also spray painted the inside of the tin with flat black paint to minimize reflections.

So why the Granny Cam?  Well the sweets were a type my Granny always had around the house when I was a kid.  My brother brought this particular tin back for me on one of his vacations, so proud he had found “Granny’s candy”, I didn’t have the heart to tell him I never thought much of the candy myself…

No pictures yet as I’ve been busy with commissions, but one will be used for this week’s photo of the week.

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