52 Create – Hockey Stick Cutting Board

52 Create – my weekly creative output for 2011!  Well last week I promised something new and exciting this week, and here it is!  I was cleaning out my workshop and found a pile of old broken hockey sticks.  I never threw them out as I figured I could find a use for them someday, well that day came last week.

This cutting board is made out of 5 hockey sticks that have been laminated together and then planed flat.  Due to the variations in construction from different companies, you get a beautiful pattern when it is all assembled.  I left the outside edges unfinished to pay homage to the cutting board’s past life.  The board is coated in mineral oil, keeping it food safe and looking great for years to come.


This 9×9″ cutting board is already up for sale on my Etsy site, I expect it to go fast as the NHL playoffs finish off in the upcoming weeks!

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8 thoughts on “52 Create – Hockey Stick Cutting Board

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  2. Just curious… is there any possible way I could convince you to make another one? Or if you could pass along the instructions to a total woodworking noob? I would love to give something like this to a pair of hockey loving friends as a housewarming gift.

    • I’m always keen for commissions, unfortunately I’ve just packed up my shop for a big cross-country move so I won’t be back into productions for a few months. But the biggest issue with this cutting board is finding the sticks, a lot of them are now made with carbon fibre or aluminum which you wouldn’t want in a cutting board! That being said, if you found the sticks, I could certainly make one up for you (you need about 5 sticks for a 9×9″ cutting board)

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