52 Create – Sandbox

52 Create, my weekly creative output for 2011.  This week, for something completely different, I present to you, a sandbox.  I was off visiting friends and it came up that the kids wanted a sandbox and that their neighbour had just replaced an old fence and donated all the old boards, so this project would be essentially free!

The donated wood consisted of some 4×4 cedar posts and a whole pile of 2×6 “Trex“.  I’d never used Trex before, it’s basically a plastic composite wood.  It lasts forever, cuts perfectly smooth and even has some fake wood grain on it.  On the minus side, it weighs a ton, and apparently is fairly expensive, but like I said ours was donated!  Another little bonus was that boards that we thought were warped (being used to wood), could easily be bent back straight!  The sandbox took us one long day to build, but that included a trip to get beer and sand to fill it up.  The real shocker was that this box which had an inside dimension of roughly 5×6′ needed $150 worth of sand to fill it up (in fact it needed another $75, but we figured it could wait a while at that price).

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