52 Create – ???

52 Create was supposed to be my weekly creative output for 2011.  However as most have noticed, I fell off the wagon in mid July.  Some might say that I had a pretty good run, lasting over half the year creating something new each week…  The truth is, when I started the project I hadn’t planned on our selling our car and house, putting all our things into storage, and moving back to Paris so my wife could finish her Pastry Chef Training!  While I don’t regret any of our actions, I did have to pack up all the tools + material, and we now live in a small apartment that is only 35 square metres (350 sqft).  Needless to say we don’t have room for a workshop, and we don’t have money for materials as we are trying to make our dollars last as long as possible.


That being said, we are finally settle and I do plan to get back on with the 52 Create project.  Will I catch up the weeks I have missed? Perhaps, but for now I’m working on this week’s creation as well as a post on where the inspiration came from, so stay tuned!


If you’d like to follow our Parisian adventure (or if you plan on visiting Paris and need some ideas on what to see), please check out our other blog, full of Parisian sites, pastries, and all sorts of other things: http://99daysinparis.wordpress.com/


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