I discovered L’eTablisienne a month ago thanks to my favourite Paris website – www.Paris.fr.  If you are ever spending a week or more in Paris, check out the city run site as it always has great ideas for places to go and see in the city of lights.


So what is l’eTablisienne? It’s a place where you can go and do woodwork and crafting.  They supply the space, as well as a starter tool kit, and there’s often a knowledgeable staff member around to bounce ideas off of.  But that’s not all, they also offer courses and have a small consignment shop where you can sell the things you make.  Sounds like a dream come true?  Well it is a great idea for a place like Paris where most people have very tiny apartments and aren’t likely to own lots of tools.  While I’m game to try woodworking in my living room (which is also my kitchen and dining area), some other people’s significant others may not be quite as understanding as mine…

Is it perfect? No. I was disappointed to see that the workshop area is about the size of my old garage at home, but I used that one on my own, this one is set up for 10 people.  The starter tools are pretty basic tools that you could buy yourself (ie. hand saw, screwdriver, chisel, etc.).  I had expected there to be larger power tools, however all they had was a small scroll saw in the corner.  They don’t have any lumber on site, but apparently they can order it in for you.


I checked out the consignment area, looks like most items were not made on site, some are likely refinishes.  All in all it’s a great idea, just not all I had expected.


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