52 Create – Princess Crown

52 Create, my weekly creative output for 2011…  Missed a week or two, what can I say, been busy as well as a bit uninspired.  It’s tough making things with duct tape and cardboard I pull out of the garbage when earlier this year I was making VW van toy chests, cutting boards, and a flat pack rocking chair.  Anyways, I work with what I’ve got.

For Halloween my little Turkey wanted to be the Paper Bag Princess (ok I wanted her to be the paper bag princess, she doesn’t care, she’s two…). So I made her this simple crown out of some extra card stock we had lying around.  Fastened together with duct tape of course.  I meant to add some tin foil to give it some “je ne sais quois”, but she was very keen on putting it on and didn’t give me a chance.

Unfortunately, paper bags really aren’t easy to find in Paris so that’s as far as the costume got. Didn’t really matter as as Parisians are about as knowledgeable about Halloween as my daughter…


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