52 Create – Craft Advent Calendar

As a kid I always loved advent calendars. You know the ones with the stale chocolate the size of a dime?  Not sure why, but my brother and I would look forward to December like no other month in order to get our daily chocolate dose, usually at breakfast.  These days advent calendars don’t seem to be limited to chocolate, having seen playmobil and lego versions just the other day.  While I agree that these are awesome (especially the lego star wars), they are out of our budget.  That combined with a need for more craft, I have decided to make my daughter one fun little craft per day leading up to Christmas, a sort of Craft Advent Calendar, from now on referred to as a Craftvent Calendar

Now, these will be small crafts, nothing huge as I’m doing them daily for 24 days, but still fun to make and something she will enjoy playing with.  So stay tuned for December 1st when day 1 craft is revealed!


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