52 Create – Craftvent Calendar, Day 8

52 Create, my weekly creative output for 2011.  Continuing along with my “Craftvent” calendar for my 2 year old daughter.  Simply put, it’s an advent calendar filled with crafts, all home made, many will be joint projects so she gets some fun of making stuff as well.

Day 8 – Today I gave my daughter a personalized ABC book.  It spent a few nights filling out the pages, I’m not much of an artist, so finding words that begin with each letter of the alphabet that I am also able to draw is a bit of a challenge.  I got to Y and decided I couldn’t draw a yak, so the Boat from letter B became a baseball, and Y became a yacht.  We read the book together today and I was impressed that she new what most of the pictures were, so either I’m a better artist than I think, or my kid is a genius.  A win either way.  I alternated one page of capital/small letter and one page of drawing.

My other Craftvent Calendar Crafts


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