52 Create – Craftvent Calendar, Day 14

52 Create, my weekly creative output for 2011.  Continuing along with my “Craftvent” calendar for my 2 year old daughter.  Simply put, it’s an advent calendar filled with crafts, all home made, many will be joint projects so she gets some fun of making stuff as well.

Day 14 – Let me start by saying that as a kid, I royally sucked at bubble letters, my big brother on the other hand was awesome at it.  It was likely this way because I tried it once and sucked and gave up on it, whereas my brother probably practiced a bit, or maybe he was born awesome, who knows.  All this to say my bubble letters haven’t gotten much better, but I digress….  My daughter loves colouring books, but having the motor skills of a two year old means she can colour a page in about 10 seconds with some excellent scribbles.  Because of this she goes through colouring books like crazy.  Today I made her a quick little holiday themed colouring book.  It has 12 pages with 11 different pictures to colour.  Now to go and find a free stapler to stick it all together….

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