Back to School….

So I’m taking the plunge, I’ll soon be heading back to school in order to pursue a new career in woodworking, turning what is currently a hobby into a career.  I’ve heard enough naysayers telling me it’s not worth doing to totally convince me to give it a try (I generally work best when others say it can’t be done).


So where will I be going?  I’ve registered with Rosewood Studios in Perth Ontario.  It’s a small woodworking school specializing in fine furniture making.  I looked around a fair bit and asked as many people as I could find about the course.  In the end the choice was made simpler due to the lack of schools in my area, but I did find it hard to find any accounts/reviews of people attending Rosewood.  I found a few people through local woodworking clubs that had attended and asked them some direct questions through email, but I also found Ron Barter (teacher at the school) to be great for asking questions by email and by phone.


I’ll also be attending a weekend paddle making course with Andy Convery from Echo Paddles.  I’m really looking forward to this course as I’ll get to make a bent shaft paddle which has been on my todo list for many years.


Stay tuned as I’ll be posting week by week descriptions of the courses as well as posting pictures of the items I’m making.  There will also be a new segment of my “favourite tool” which will be a weekly writeup on a tool that has made my life easier that week.


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