The Racoon-Proof Compost Bin



I promise that this will be the last ugly thing that I will ever build…  We needed a composter, and not being flush with money or beautiful lumber, I decided to make one from what I had laying around, namely some old pallets.  Now for all of you out there who think that pallets are this untold treasure trove of free lumber, beware that those who earn a living building pallets seem to have some sort of contest going on as to how many nails you can possibly put into one board while still being able to call them “wooden” pallets.


So after an hour of nail pulling, I had my free lumber and quickly built this simple composter.  I thought my job was done, till the next morning I realized that the friendly neighborhood raccoon family had decided that my compost bin was in fact a Raccoon feeding station…  So out came the chicken wire –


The bottom was wrapped, then another layer was put around the posts.  I also nailed boards over the ends of the wire to prevent it from being pulled off.  Lastly as I filled the hole, I threw in scraps of left over pallet (and debated about including the ten thousand rusty nails…).  So far after 2 weeks, they have tried, and failed to enter the Fort Knox of Compost bins….


For those of you who have asked, the top is simply an old piece of counter top that fits quite snugly and weighs close to 20 lbs.


One thought on “The Racoon-Proof Compost Bin

  1. Thanks for posting pictures. This past summer I’ve waged an all out war against the racoons ‘breaking in’ to my compost bin. I’m going to dig down and add some barriers since they now dig to gain access. United we stand-wish me luck.
    Michele in Toronto

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