Tool of the week

Probably should have called this post “Tool of last week” since I’m a couple of days late…  Anyways, had a hard time deciding on what tool for this week.  I absolutely loved working on the lathe.  I hadn’t a clue what I was doing, but I seemed to figure things out and the progress is so much faster than building say a cabinet!  In the end I chose the vacuum bag.  This is the setup I used to make my curved panel door (made from wiggle board and mahogany veneer).  It’s pretty simple, basically a vacuum cleaner attached to a bag.  As the air is sucked out of the bag it exerts even pressure everywhere, making it very easy to clamp a piece of veneer to a curved surface.  The door was left in the bag for about 3 hours while the glue (regular carpenters glue) cured.  The possibilities with this setup are just about endless, I’d love to buy one but they cost about $1000 for the vacuum and large bag.  Lee Valley sells a small manual version made for skateboards, it’s about a tenth of the cost, so it might be worth some experimenting.


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