Doll Crib

My first commission as a fine woodworker…  This one was requested by my 3 year old for her birthday as her doll needed a proper place to sleep apparently.  I had made her a cardboard crib back in Paris, but we had to leave it behind when we moved.

This crib was made from baltic birch, cut out on a band saw and a jig saw with lots of spindle sanding to clean out the cutouts on the sides.  If I did it again I’d make a template and cut the sides with a router.  The bottom is held in with a stopped dado done on the router table.  I need to stop designing things that need a CNC to be done easily.  Either that or go buy a CNC…

The mattress is some styrofoam wrapped in a piece of flannel and the crib was finished with some low VOC poly.  Now that my daughter is older I don’t worry as much about using food safe finishes, it’s better to focus on finishes that are durable now as she can treat the stuff pretty rough some days.


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