Pastry Case

I was approached by a local restaurant to create a pastry display case to fit with the decor of the restaurant.  The restaurant is located in a 100 year old former train station, so lots of darker wood, and nothing in the entire building is straight or level!  They just hired a Paris trained pastry chef and would like to show off all the new desserts she will be making.

I found an old lead/glass window and door in my parents basement and used that as my design inspiration. The best location for the case was in the corner by the cash as this is the first thing customers see when you walk in.  The case is made of baltic birch plywood with trim and top made of pine.  The door was actually made of fir, but I didn’t realize this till I had stripped the old paint off.  I decided to stain it dark as this was in keeping with the rest of the decor, and was best to use in order to try and have the three different woods look similar.

Due to the low light levels in the restaurant, I installed LED rope lighting under each shelf to light up the desserts.  There is also a hidden shelf which holds dessert menus and business cards for the new pastry chef.  Installing it required many shims as the floor wasn’t level, and the wall wasn’t vertical (but the counter behind it was!).  I’m happy with the end result and the restaurant is thrilled (they get more compliments on the cabinet than on the desserts some nights…)


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