Corneal Abrasion…

Sorry folks, nothing to post this week.  Was doing some home reno’s and got sawdust in my eye (YES I was Wearing Safety Glasses).  Seems to have caused a “corneal abrasion” or in layman’s terms, I scratched my eye.  So things are a little blurry and blinking feels like I’ve got some gravel stuck under my eyelid.  Should be fine by the weekend, so we’ll be back to regular scheduled programming next week.


I plan on switching to some different goggles that keep the dust out better, only problem is the seem to fog up very easily so looking for solutions to solve this new problem…

3 thoughts on “Corneal Abrasion…

    • I’ve been twice already (in two different provinces no less!) and a follow up with an eye doctor, so far sleeping seems to help it the most.

  1. I was drilling through a brick wall one time and got small piece of brick lodged in my eye ( i had taken my safety glasses off because they were fogging up). Like a fool I didn’t go to the doctor because I wanted to finish up and go home. Later that night my eye had was bascially swollen shut and throbbing. We called the emergency room and they said that an eye doctor would get in touch with me. In the meanwhile my wife went out and picked up an emergency eye rinse kit. I did that every thirty minutes and finally went to sleep. The next day when I woke up the small piece of brick had come out and was sitting in the corner of my eye. My eye felt much better but was still all red. I went to the eye doctor and they gave me some drops and said it would be okay in a few days. Long story short is that a piece of brick the size of a few grains of sand made my life miserable for about 3 days.

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