Holiday Sales and Facebook



Well it’s been an insane December.  I sold more in one month than ever before, and sold one from just about all of my items as well.  I’m certainly happy to have a short break and to clean up the disaster that is my workshop.  You know how it goes, you could clean, but you’re pressed for time, so you keep making, figuring you’ll get to it one day….  It’s gotten to the point where I’ve used all my work surfaces to hold junk, and now stuff is getting put on the floor, meaning it’s a hop scotch game to get anywhere in the shop.



Something I did discover over the past few months was I really don’t care much for production work.  Making a limited run of 5 or 6 items is fun and can be a design/engineering challenge, but making 60 bottle openers is beyond mind numbing. (and that is why after the last 3 bottle openers are sold I’m not making anymore!)  So enough whining, next week it’s shop cleanup as well as setting up the unisaw I bought last October and have yet to have time to build an extension table/run the dust collection/wire up an outlet/etc…..  It’ll be worth it to take a break from making in order to get the shop in order and help speed up production in the future.

Also, now that apparently people are tired of Facebook and starting to not use it anymore, I’ve started up a Facebook page with pics and posts from the shop, check it out, likes are always appreciated:

Craft Collective on Facebook


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