In the beginning…

tmp_20140217203515_1-813495107I’m away from my workshop this week doing some coaching, so I thought I would share my furniture beginnings….  The picture above is of the first piece of furniture I ever made.  I did it in shop class in grade 7 or 8, don’t really recall to be honest!  I had finished making all the projects in the curriculum so my teacher said I could make whatever I want. My dad suggested a bed side table, and I think he helped with the design.  its made from plywood and maybe poplar?  I hated putting finish on even back then so I think my dad put the stain and poly on for me.  There was supposed to be a drawer but I ran out of time and while I made the piece for the drawer front, 20 years later I still haven’t made the drawer for it…









2 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. Hello!

    I found your site while looking for information on biathlon stocks and have been happily exploring it. I also shoot a Bessa and typically use Tri-X at 320, in D-76 diluted way down with extended development time.

    Are you still making biathlon stocks? My season here “isn’t” since I’m in Hawaii, but hoping to start a Summer Biathlon event for my friends and others interested in more than just plopping down at the Benchrest and lazy-shooting all day long.

    Thanks much!


    • The season is just wrapping up here, so I expect to start getting orders in the spring for the next season. Looking forward to it as I have a few new ideas in the works.

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