Photo Friday

Last Sunday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.  In the past I’ve made a camera for the occasion but due to time constraints and laziness I opted for a pinhole body cap on my digital camera.  I love how the light flares in the picture, and it also shows how dirty my sensor is!

More info on World Pinhole day and photos from around the world HERE  Click on Gallery at the top of the page for photos.

Photo Friday

Well it’s actually Saturday morning, and I’m craving a “Full English” breakfast… Remembered this picture I took of a great Full English I had a month ago at Spitalfield’s market. Tasted as good as it looked.


Photo Friday


Been thinking a lot about woodworking lately, add that to my reading of Terrence Conran’s “sort of autobiography” and I couldn’t help myself but use the above picture for photo Friday. Taken a month ago at the Design Museum in London at the Terrence Conran exhibit celebrating his 80 years of inspiring design. This tool cabinet was a gift from the workers at his own Benchmark furniture business. I’m not sure if I am more jealous of him having his own in house furniture company (it resides in an old barn on his property) or this wonderful cabinet stocked with all the hand tool essentials…

Photo Friday


Currently traveling (hence a few less posts than normal) but it does make for some new pictures… While I’ve taken many with my beloved xpan, I won’t be home for another month and a half, so it will be a while before they are developed. Since my new camera didn’t arrive in time, I also brought along the Nex 3, which is a capable camera, but the lack of viewfinder is a real deal breaker for me.

Anyways, enough whining, here’s a shot from this past week in Marrakesh, Morocco. Taken on the Nex 3, converted to BW after.

Photo Friday


Took this shot this morning outside a Paris Cafe. I’ve been waiting since last June to buy a new camera but all the ones I want seem to be back ordered. Anyways, all to say that I haven’t taken as many pics lately as I’m frustrated with my current setup (thought I could handle no viewfinder but I can’t). Anyways, went out this morning and threw on a 75mm voigtlander onto my Nex 3. I bought the lens cause it was a good deal but I don’t use it much. But on the Nex it really seems to shine, and my hit rate is far better than with my Bessa film camera.

Back to the picture, I like the people in the background that you can’t quite make out, makes you linger and think about the picture a bit. Might have preferred if they weren’t quite so out of focus, but overall I’m pretty happy with the shot. Now if my new camera could just show up…