Off to a Flying start!


Last January was slow.  Sometimes slow can be nice, time to get caught up on things, get those repairs done in the shop that you keep putting off, etc.  That had been my plan for this January, I need a new assembly table, plus some dust collection revamping, a little electrical work, all in all a few weeks worth of repairs to get things running a little smoother.  None of these repairs are essential, but they would make my day run a bit smoother.


So that was my plan, but plans sometimes change.  I’ve spent the last few days ironing out a big commission with a restaurant in Florida (which seems hard to believe as I watch the blizzard outside), and packaging up some work to go to my latest stockist (more on that below).  It looks like I’ve hit the ground running in 2015, and I’m pretty excited to be this busy right from the get go, as for the repairs, some have waited a year already to get done, so another few weeks won’t hurt…


The new stockist I mentioned above is the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ontario.  The products in the picture above will be available in their gift shop later this month!


For those of you not in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), my work is always available at: