Creative Pro – website review

Creative Pro is an awesome website for Graphic Design Software, tutorials, reviews, etc.  I stumbled upon it a year ago and it’s a great site to visit when you’ve got some spare time and feel like playing with Adobe CS(2,3,4,5…).  I generally stay away from the “news” and “reviews” as I don’t have the funds to buy more software so I need to stay happy with what I’ve got.  The “features” and especially the “how to’s” are a great resource to have around.

The how to’s are directed at all of the Adobe Design Suite, as well as a few other graphic design softwares.  They are easy to follow and very helpful.  I find that only about half of them ever interest me, but there are several pages worth of them that you can scroll through so you are bound to find something useful.  I like to go to the site when I’ve got a bit of time so I can actually follow along with the how-to, if not I find I rarely remember how to do it…  While it covers the whole Design Suite, I mainly stick to the tutorials on InDesign and Photoshop.