Medal Winning Performance!



I had another post planned, then the above picture happened….  The guy with the huge smile on his face is greeting one of his team mates at the finish line of world Championships.  They have just won a silver medal in the relay, a huge feat considering the competition!  He raced using one of my custom rifle stocks, the design was a collaboration between what he liked and what I felt was best for him.  Very excited for him and his team mates, they really deserved this win after a long season of hard work!  Alex also had a 5th place individual finish earlier in the week shooting 17/20, his best International result to date!  Here is a link to the post about his stock.

Adupsrifle2013 1

Custom Biathlon Rifle Stock

Ali rifle 3

While I said last post that I was cleaning the shop and setting up some new to me tools, I ended up finishing one last project…  It was quite the year for custom rifle stocks!  I’ve made many over the last few years, but 8 in one year is a new record for sure.
Ali rifle 1

This one was for another local athlete.  It’s made from Walnut and has some green accents (as per the athlete’s request).  On this one I ended up making all the adjustable parts as well, which takes a bit of extra time but ends up working out nicer in the end.
Ali rifle 2

The finish on this stock is boiled linseed oil, it’s cheap, easy, and looks great.  The other 7 I did this year have all been exposed to some harsh weather and still look like the day they left my workshop.

Ali rifle 4

I doubt 2014 will bring quite as many stock requests, which is fine, I wouldn’t mind spending time on some other projects I have in my head.  All the cut offs from this stock (and my other stocks) get used in many of the items for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Custom Walnut Biathlon Stock

Eric Stock 2013 1

Cutsom stock #2 is now finished and off to a happy customer.  This one was also made of walnut but had a slightly different design as requested by the client.  Once again I’m really happy with the finish on these rifles and will use it more often on my other work.

Eric Stock 2013 2


Now that these two are done I can get to work on my backlog of projects!  It’s great to be busy but it would be nice if my list would get shorter and not longer once in awhile…


Begging for a Boler…

While I love VW campers, especially those from the late seventies, pulling a trailer with a more modern vehicle would likely be a bit more prudent having a growing family and all.  The “Boler” trailer was invented by Canadian Ray Olecko in 1968.  It’s basically a large fiberglass rounded box on wheels, and might have been influenced by his previous septic tank design…

There are many things that make these trailers interesting. The minimal upfront costs (they can be had for $3000-5000), and they are small enough that customization both inside and out is an easy and inexpensive undertaking.  I’ve seen ones advertised with hardwood flooring in them (probably cost them $50 for the small floor area…)

While I think I’d shy away from a loud outdoor paint job, I’d certainly be up for customizing the inside.  I’d paint it up, re-upholster everything, and put some nice cabinets and counters in the kitchen.  There’s a great cult following with these little trailers, and they even have a yearly get together in Saskatchewan called “Prairie Egg” aka Bolerama.