Of Bicycles and Amsterdam

Back from travelling and a ton of pictures to sort through.  After a couple of weeks in both Amsterdam and Berlin, I have many rolls to develop, would have been even more but there was a fair amount of rain that made picture taking a little less enjoyable.  Berlin was incredibly dark and overcast, that combined with the early sunsets meant not a lot of light in general.

Anyways, in Amsterdam everyone rides bikes, I was truly jealous not to live somewhere where this is the culture. The one thing that really stood out for me were the bikes seen above that could carry loads!  During the week I was there I saw variations of this bike carrying everything from kids, to lumber (sheets of plywood) to a couch (two seater love seat, yes I’m serious).  These seem like such a great idea as you can haul your kids as well as your groceries, and your precious cargo is right in front of you unlike in a chariot type trailer.

Check out their website.

Gazelle Bicycles – Cabby

Well with all this Tour de France going on, I can’t help but continue on the bike trend.  Turning into a bit of a bike week, but oh well, what can you do.  I saw this bike while out for a stroll in Antwerp. The bikes are made in Holland and feature  a dual purpose Cargo/kid carrier.  What a great idea to keep your precious cargo (or your kids) in front of you where you can see them, instead of trailing behind such as with a chariot!

Check out Gazelle Bikes