52 Create – Cowboy Hat

52 Create, my weekly creative output for 2011…  My little turkey, also known as AK around these parts, has become absolutely enamoured with a french cartoon called “Chloe Magique“.  It’s about a girl who has a magic closet that is full of dress up clothes. Each episode she and her friends make believe some fantastic adventure.  Where am I going with all of this? Well last week she was a cowboy, and wore a cowboy hat.  Since that morning, my daughter talks about cowboy hats all day everyday.  I felt I needed to make one…

I’m pretty sure they use a similar design at the Calgary stampede, but made out of foam. In all honesty, foam would likely be a better material to work with, but when I was at Rouge et Ple (an awesome art supply store, which being French doesn’t have a website of course…), I saw some card stock that was the right thickness and not too pricey.  It’s likely not going to last forever, but the smile you see above stayed on her face till bed time, so mission accomplished.


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