Zinio – iPad App review


I know I know… I said an iPad review was forthcoming, but I’ve been spending so much time on the iPad, that I haven’t really had time, so instead, another awesome app that I am absolutely loving.  Let me say first that my wife and I love magazines more than just about anything in the world.  That being said, we hate the waste of paper, and the fact that you end up with stacks upon stacks of them all over the house.  You don’t want to throw them away as they’re full of all sorts of great stuff, but the reality is with a million issues of the same magazine, you’re not likely to find what you’re looking for, or to know where to look for that matter.


Enter Zinio.  It’s a company that sells digital magazines.  Once you register for an account you can read them on your iPad or even on your pc.  They have a wide selection of magazines from around the world (which is growing all the time) and you can buy single issues or yearly subscriptions.  The prices are generally close to newstands/actual subscriptions, so it’s more of an environmental/clutter benefit than monetary.


I did find it really nice that you can zoom, and most pages have a “text” button which gives you the text in black and white which was quite nice when my issue of Dwell had turquoise text on a light blue background (kind of dumb for a design magazine, n’est-ce pas?).  The other great feature is that you can click on all web links listed in the magazines.  They aren’t exactly interactive, so the magazines aren’t really taking advantage of all of the iPad’s possibilities, but it’s a nice start.


As an added bonus, you do pay the subscription price as if you are ordering the magazine in the country it is written, this is a real benefit for international magazines as you save on the shipping costs.  For instance, while the US and Canadian dollar are at par, Dwell is double the price to subscribe in Canada, while on Zinio it is the same price.


DIY Eco Wedding Vase

We started off our series of DIY wedding ideas with our home made chalk boards. Next up is our DIY and Eco friendly idea for wedding vases.  Most wedding’s I’ve been to often have tons of vases with elaborate bouquets.  The vases are bought at a great expense and then either left behind, given away, or thrown out.  This seemed like a huge waste to us, and the fact that we were flying across the country to get married meant we didn’t want to be carrying around fragile vases.

Our initial plan had been to go and buy a few vases from the local Ikea, while cheap, they were something we didn’t need, and it seemed wasteful and it would only end up cluttering up our house.  Lucky for us Ikea was sold out, so it was on to plan B.

In the local health food store, we found some half litre glass milk jugs that looked like they’d do the trick.  The best part of it was that they were filled with milk.  So we bought 6 bottles (3 chocolate, 2 whip cream, 1 half and half) which were used up before the wedding and for the wedding deserts.  We washed the bottles, put in some home-made paper flowers (our next DIY wedding feature) and voila!

After the wedding, we simply returned the empty bottles back to the store and collected our deposit. No waste, no clutter, no cost.