Photo of the Week

While most of my photos have been from film cameras or the odd one from my D300, I do own a digital point and shoot and feel it’s a great camera for certain situations.  The other day I was making an espresso when I saw this shot and felt the need to take it.  It’s a simple still life and even though it’s taken with a cheap camera, I like the look of the shot due to the slightly different perspective.

Sweat Shop – Paris

Stumbled upon the “Sweat Shop” the other day in Paris. It’s a store that allows you to use sewing machines for 6 euros/hour.  They also have big tables for cutting, a back lounge area with coffee and pastries, and they even hold classes to teach people how to sew.


It was a super cool place, the staff were very friendly and helpful too.  What did we make? Well you’ll have to read on tomorrow…

Espresso Solo – Concrete Coffee Maker!

This concrete espresso machine named “Espresso Solo” was designed by Schmuel Linski, a student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.  The machine is made from concrete as well as metal parts and can make a short or long espresso.  It’s a very simple design which works wonderfully with the concrete, very inspiring!

via Dezeen