Photo Friday

Saturday already eh?  Oh well…  Now for the vaguest of Photo Fridays:  This picture is from….. no clue.  I’m going through my old pictures from last year, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that this is in Europe, very likely France, and then possibly Paris or Marseille (ie. opposite sides of the country).  I found it on a roll with other shots from both Paris and Marseille (slim chance it could be Arles as well, but I don’t remember there being any graffiti there).  I have a feeling that it’s from Paris, somewhere around Canal St. Martin, but honestly couldn’t tell you for sure.


What I can tell you is that it’s taken with my voigtlander bessa R rangefinder, and that I like it, and that’s all that counts in the end…


Photo of the Week

Started scanning some of my backlogged black and white film from last year.  I still have several rolls to develop, but I’ve scanned most of the developed stuff now.  I tried Tri-X, the film that everyone seems to praise.  Not sure if I like it, lots of dark negs it seems, might have to adjust my developing on the rest of the rolls.


This week’s photo taken with my voigtlander Bessa R and the 15mm Heliar.  Gives some great wide angles but also makes all the posts in the picture crooked…  Taken with Kodak Tri-X, developed in D76.  We had gone to Gare de l’Est for a day trip out of Paris, but due to some striking workers, we ended up heading to the local park instead.

Photo of the Week

It’s been a while since I took this shot and it took me a little bit to figure out just where this had been… It was a field of poppies in Chantilly, France of course.  We were there on a visit to the chateau (which I highly recommend, I liked it even more than Versailles, certainly nowhere near as crowded).  It’s fall in Paris right now, and the leaves are turning and this summery scene was what I needed to see today…. Taken with my xpan, 45mm lens, expired Kodak E100.


Les Rencontres Arles, 2010

Being in France during the summer, it would seem a shame to not go and see Les Rencontres Arles, the world famous yearly photography exhibits that take over the small Southern French town of Arles.  Unfortunately, it looked as if it was simply too much money to go down for only a few days as the hotels were pricey.  While I would have loved to hop on the train and stay in a hostel for a few days, soaking in the photography, my wife and 11 month old daughter needed me in Paris, and splitting up the family at this point simply could not work.

In the end we decided we would all go down to Marseille while my wife had a brief break from school.  She then surprised me with a one day return trip to Arles.  While my two favourite girls roamed the streets and played in parks, I immersed myself in the wonderful world of Les Rencontres Arles.

For anyone who has never been to Arles, you do not know what you are missing! The town on it’s own is beautiful and extremely photogenic.  There are old roman ruins and a great coliseum, not to mention an old town square and a fantastic Saturday market.  The photography exhibits are spread throughout, held in old churches, abandoned railway stations and old hotels.  There are dozens of locations and many more exhibits to be seen.  I bought a one day pass (25 euros) and managed to see about 20 exhibits (there were close to 60 in total).  Admittedly, some of the exhibits that interested me less I went through rather quickly, with so much to see I couldn’t be bothered to waste time with those that I didn’t like.

While I thoroughly  enjoyed myself, I had a few criticisms. While the scope of the entire  exhibition is very large, with many exhibits, I found it overwhelming. There was simply too much and the quality didn’t always seem to accompany the work.  Some exhibits had far too many photographs, they became repetitive and made the better photographs less powerful than if they had stood on their own.  Finally, there were several exhibits that weren’t photographs at all, more sculpture than anything else.

It was definitely worth the money and I’m glad that I went, however I don’t know if I’d return in the future. I think I’d be happier going to several exhibits in Paris over the span of a few weeks and to only pick ones that I would enjoy.  Nothing in Arles approached what I had seen at the Willy Ronis exhibit in Paris, although you can’t expect to see photos of this calibre on every gallery wall…