Honestly I make other stuff besides cutting boards…



So I do make other things besides cutting boards, just seems like that’s what gets posted most often.  The bottom two boards were Anniversary/Christmas presents for my parents and in-laws.  They were both well received, and unfortunately are rarely used “because they’re just too nice”.  The top board was meant to be the same as the bottom two, but since the glue up wasn’t as flat as it could have been, I had a few exciting passes through the planer (read “projectile cutting board”).  Anyways, the rectangular board got smaller and smaller, until it became a square board.  Worked out in the end.

All boards are made from maple and walnut, food safe glue, and some colourful acrylic accent paint.  Finished with food-safe mineral oil.  The small one was put on Etsy and sold a few weeks ago!


52 Create – Maple Walnut Rings

52 Create, my weekly creative challenge to make a new and wonderful item each week for the year of 2011. While I made a wooden ring a few weeks ago, that one was out of Baltic Birch plywood, and while I liked how it turned out, I wanted to use some more contrasting wood.  You really need to laminate two pieces together with rings so that the grain is strong enough around the full circle.

So this week’s project is made out of two pieces of 1/4″ wood, walnut and maple, laminated with their grain at 90 degrees to each other.  I made the thin ring first, curious at how thin I could make the wood, it’s quite strong considering it’s only about 1/16 of an inch thick.  The second ring I went for a more “bulbous” look.  Not exactly what I was hoping for but it’s certainly a different look than the first one.

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