Photo of the Week

This photo was taken in Amsterdam on an overcast day.  My Dad and I spotted this little fiat 500 as it crossed the bridge and we both took a picture, but we were a long way off at the time.  What luck we thought as we continued to advance and the car stayed perched on top of the bridge.  As we passed the bridge, we realized that the car had in fact broken down and the two inside were desperately trying to get it started.  Finally it sprung to life and went half a block to a church where the bride and groom exited the car…


Taken with my hasselblad xpan, 45mm, Fuji Pro400.

Photo of the Week

Sometimes you take a photo and you just know it’s going to be great…  I was walking down the street in Marseille, and this number on the garage entrance to a building caught my eye. Why? No idea, but I had to take a picture and I’m thrilled with the result.  It’s funny because I had a similar feeling half a block later, but that picture was terrible, who knows…  Taken with my Hasselblad Xpan on Fuji Superia 400, converted to BW with PS3.

Photo of the Week

I went to get my film processed a few weeks ago, and they actually lost a couple of rolls and sent me off for a walk while they tried to track them down.  It all turned out for the best as they found them in the end and I had a nice walk while taking lots of pictures.  This shot was taken with my Xpan on black and white film that I processed myself (and didn’t lose).  The bridge is over a bunch of train tracks leading into one of Paris’s many train stations, I like the sense of scale given from the person walking along the sidewalk.

Plastic Panoramic

I’ve always been a great fan of panoramic photography, and over the past year I have absolutely LOVED my hasselblad xpan panoramic camera.  It is my take everywhere camera, nothing else I own can match the quality of this camera.  Before I bit the bullet and bought my used xpan, I tried some less expensive alternatives such as the Horizon 202, the Pan-o-gull and the Vivitar Pn2011.  In the end I was always frustrated by the limitations of these cameras, and in some cases the quality was horrible.

While browsing the web today on Four Corners Dark, I came across Deon Reynolds blog.  The site has some truly wonderful photographs.  I was most interested in the Plastic Panorama Photography post.  Deon takes old Kodak disposable panoramic cameras (discontinued since 1999), reloads them with Kodak Tri-X, adds a yellow filter, and voila, an inexpensive, reusable panoramic camera that produces some truly outstanding images.

I highly recommend heading over to Deon’s blog to check out his DIY and wonderful pictures.